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The essay is a must, and perhaps one of the most major parts of your application to US universities. When the exam scores are slightly below the level – it’s the essay that can still ensure you the entry. When the Harvard admissions committee considers several candidates with perfect points and grades – it is the essay that helps them make a choice in favor of one candidate or another. A well-written history makes universities allocate applicants among the general stream of identical questionnaires, and even allocate huge (up to full) scholarships in order to attract a student to their own university. In no case should this part of the application be negligent – in contrast to the Russian education system, in which the sum of points decides everything, in the USA it is the essay that can fundamentally change the list of students for enrollment.

Essay, or motivational letters are different. For bachelor’s you need to write, usually, a sufficiently large number of different essays – one for all universities (from the Common Application), the same and large enough, and several others for each university that a student enters. Often, high school students have to write 15-20 essays for different universities. Topics of the essay usually affect important moments in the life of a high school student, sometimes his choice of specialty (however, it is not necessary to clearly know his specialty when you enroll), his hobbies and leadership experience. Also, universities often ask about the reasons for admission to this particular program. In many ways, these essays can be repeated, but it is very important to show the uniqueness of each for a particular university – after all, universities are much more pleased to understand that this essay was really written personally for this university, and not for all universities in a row.

For masters and MBA you need to write each essay separately to each university. Here, questions become very similar among themselves from university to universities — you need to write a motivation letter, telling you about how previous academic and professional experience led you to want to continue studying for a master’s degree in this program, what appeals to you in the program, and how this program will help You in realizing your goals in the future. Sometimes US universities are also asked to write a second essay, the so-called Personal Statement. Questions may vary, but they are often more similar to the topics asked by undergraduate applicants, and are asked to talk about what experiences or interests are important to the student and how they influenced their life choices.

Writing an essay with students is my favorite part of the job. This is, to some extent, psychological work – after all, we need to discuss rather intimate things, and then decide how to structure the story so that the admissions office will read with bated breath and remember exactly your essay. If the magistracy is usually a little simpler – by the age of more than 20 years, young people often already have solid experience in the specialty and an idea of where they want to go next, high school students often have a lot more difficulty. In any case, we start talking about all the upheavals that could be a good pivot for history, and then think about what personal qualities the university requires that we can “shove” between the terms, delicately persuading the US university through what would seem The usual story is that we are the ones he needs. It may be interesting for you to read the reviews of my students who have traveled with me all this way – from inventing all-all topics and stories to rewriting them dozens of times, until they became real masterpieces worthy of admission to Harvard. For this process, we with students always become close friends, and the feedback from grateful students will surely convince you of this.

During this time I had many talented students, whose history was fascinating, and made all universities not only accept students, but also provide them with full financial support. Sometimes even those universities that do not give anyone scholarships (for example, NYU) did this – I am sure that it was the essay that pushed the universities to take this step. But everyone has a story. Even those of my students, who did not know at all what to write to them, eventually wrote stories that ensured their admission, which they did not even think about at the beginning. And many times they thanked me for inspiration =)

Be sure to contact me to write an essay worthy of enrolling in top US universities, including Ivy League universities. Remember, it is an ideally composed essay (of course, with all the other elements of the application that are adequately prepared) that can “push” you to the university of your dreams.

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