How to Construct an Argumentative Essay Introduction

Tips for Developing an Outline for an Argumentative Essay

Despite what you may have seen in the classroom, a argumentative essay is not all about explaining the merits of a certain point of view. Rather, this piece requires you to convince your readers that a particular stance is the best option available in a given scenario.

There are numerous ways you can use to persuade your readers that a particular position is sensible and in line with most people’s views. When handling this type of write-up, it can be advantageous to structure your writing around the thesis statement that you are expounding on. This provides the teacher with a reference point to find more information about the topic.

Writing a prologue for an argumentative essay also helps one to ensure that they are concise with their writing. You may have to be on the lookout for any typos that might have been left by the previous readers of your write-up. That might leave you a bit short on words when crafting your introductory paragraphs. A good outline will help you to adhere to all the instructions stipulated by your instructor.

What should you consider for your introductory paragraphs?

As you are writing your intro, be keen to remember that the idea behind the piece is to introduce a new perspective on the topic. Thus, it is important to ensure that your readers have a broader perspective from where they are looking for help. This means that you should not be like a good salesman who pulls a transaction only to take the money and leave the prospect with unsatisfied comments.

Instead, the best way to handle your introduction is to provide a general sense of the topic that you want to explore. Some subject areas that you might want to highlight in your write-up include:

  • Policy
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Science

From this list, your introduction should logically connect to the topic statement. Keep in mind that the idea behind the introduction is to provide an overview of the subject matter. While explaining the context of the problem being addressed can be a significant part of your write-up, your introduction should not provide a general background on the topic.

Instead, it should seek to expound on the specific concerns that you want to raise. For instance, you may choose to discuss the relationship between the supposed problem and the decision you intend to make. As you develop the introduction, be keen to ensure that it articulates the current state of the case.

It would help if you also sought to find out whether your goals are realistic for the time frame that you are targeting. Remember to remember that the readers are paying attention to what you have to say. Hence you should only introduce your stance in a way that builds towards showing why you think it is the best option available.


An argumentative essay is usually challenging to draft, and this is especially so for writers who find themselves stuck in a bind. However, a strong introduction and appropriate conclusion can help you out immensely.

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