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Practically in all English examinations and in various competitions there is a task according to which you must submit your essay to the jury or the evaluation committee. It is this work that should characterize you, your perception, your world view, your knowledge and your potential.

What is an essay? An essay is a prose essay of small volume and free composition that conveys individual impressions and considerations on a particular subject or issue. Initially, your own essay is not positioned as a defining or exhaustive interpretation of this subject. This is only your vision of the question, which is marked by the topic of the essay.

How to write an essay in English? An essay can be written on the topic that you are offered, or on a free topic that you choose yourself if the task does not strictly define the subject matter. If you have to write on a given topic, there’s no way to go – you need to try to reflect all your knowledge and worldview in this small piece of text! It seems to me that an essay on any topic of your choice is somewhat simpler, since in this case you are free to decide which question or problem you understand best and express your opinion in proper form.

How to write an essay in English?

Answering the question “how to write an essay in English,” it is worth recalling that any essay consists of several parts. I would define the three most important ones: the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. In the introduction, you must identify the key idea, idea or problem that you will talk about in the main part. Best of all, if it sounds in the form of some brief, but concise, complete statement. By the way, it can be a quote in English, if you manage to pick it up in accordance with the semantic content of this essay in English.

In the main part of the essay in English, it is necessary to present any arguments, evidence or refutations of your main idea, which would personally express your opinion on this issue. You can give examples that will illustratively display your point of view. When writing an essay in English, try to avoid abstruse or book phrases that will turn your work into a boring creation. In this case, the verifier may refuse at all to read this work. It is better to use simple, but at the same time good, competent, high-quality English. Use more adjectives and adverbs, but the main advantage of written English in this case is synonyms for verbs and words in general. Your essay will be memorable, lexically and grammatically “beautiful.”

In conclusion, complete all your reasoning and draw conclusions, which will be the final part of your essay in English. All parts of the essay should go seamlessly into one another, all thoughts should be logically related. This will help you a special vocabulary, which exists so that you consistently express your thoughts.

The main problem in defining the key point in “how to write an essay in English” is the inability to briefly but competently express your thoughts. As a rule, we try, as they say, “to spread the idea along the tree” or “pour water”. This is just not worth doing, since a large amount of unnecessary information in your essay in English will not be the merit of your work, but will be its disadvantage. If you are not writing an essay in an exam, but simply preparing for something, ask friends and relatives to read it and evaluate it. Re-read it yourself too several times to see if you made any semantic or grammatical mistakes, and if you are present, get rid of them safely.

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