4 Main Factors to Consider When Writing an Essay

4 Main Factors to Consider When Writing an Essay

Often, when it comes to school assignments, you may have encountered various writing styles. You will undoubtedly start with the popular essay styles. However, regardless of what type of essay you encounter, you will undoubtedly have some instructions to follow. These include academic norms, the essay length, and the desired presentation. As a result, it becomes crucial to ensure that you stick to the recommended guidelines and avoid any form of cheating.

If your instructor is adamant about the desired document style, it is best to stick to it. However, there are those aspects of essay writing that are not stipulated in any way. Hence, if you feel like there are unnecessary details to include in your paper, you are encouraged to brainstorm. Thus, instead of following the guidelines as prescribed, come up with a creative way of presenting your thought.

Essential Parts of a Good Essay

Like any other type of writing, the writing of an essay follows a systematic approach. Hence, it entails going through each section and making sure to compile the information there in a coherent manner. This section does not just include the introduction, body, and conclusion. You should ensure that you write the following in addition to the others:

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of content
  • Acknowledgement of rights
  • Instructions for professional use

Introductions are Critical

In an essay, an introduction plays the role of attracting the reader’s interest and making them continue reading the essay even after they are done with the rest of the text. Because of this fact, it is crucial that you work on your introduction comprehensively. Here, you should ensure that your introduction adequately captures the reader’s attention. It should also introduce your topic sentence while capturing the essential information to include in the essay. Most students tend to focus on the middle of the introduction, which means that they fail to utilize this critical part.

Body is the Major Element

The body section comprises of each of the individual paragraphs that make up the essay. Typically, the number of paragraphs in a body section will vary depending on the length of the essay. Therefore, regardless of the essay, the number of paragraphs you will write should strictly follow the outline of its length.

Proper presentation of information

The presentation part of the essay captures all the important points that will build your work’s credibility and make it more convincing. Therefore, regardless of what essay style you are using, ensure that you follow the essay format. Ensure that your presentation achieves the following:

  1. Contains only relevant and valid information
  2. Stick to the specified word count
  3. Give a useful summary of the information
  4. Cites the main information source when possible

Conclusion Is the Last Section

The conclusion part of an essay captures the reader’s wish. In this section, you can summarize the essay’s objectives and show where your essay stands. Generally, you will be required to develop a short list of arguments or ideas that you can support to reinforce the essay’s thesis.

Therefore, crafting a good essay is not as hard as many students may believe. Pick up your paper’s basics, and you will be good to go.

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